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GB-1239798-A: Automatic grocery bag filling apparatus patent, GB-1239814-A: Process for the preparation of 7-aminocephalosporanic acid and its derivatives patent, GB-1239905-A: Improvements in or relating to pickup-depositing mechanism in gramophone record players patent, GB-1239962-A: Measuring apparatus and methods patent, GB-1240288-A: Egg topping device patent, GB-1240694-A: Vibration roller patent, GB-1240909-A: Improvements in discriminators patent, GB-1240992-A: Oligomerisation catalysts patent, GB-1241599-A: A process for continuous dyeing of woven and knitted fabrics in hose form patent, GB-1242349-A: Apparatus for supplying seeds to seed drills patent, GB-1242894-A: Annular radiator patent, GB-124307-A: Improvements in and relating to Glass Melting Furnaces. patent, GB-1243796-A: Vane motor assemblies patent, GB-1243859-A: Tube connecting member patent, GB-124460-A: Improvements in Detonating Fuzes or Exploders for Explosive Shells. patent, GB-1244854-A: Improvements in and relating to printing patent, GB-1246402-A: Flash bulb assembly apparatus patent, GB-1246437-A: Improvements relating to electrical resistances patent, GB-124710-A: Improvements in or relating to Hollow Girders. patent, GB-1248083-A: Improvements in handling long loads patent, GB-1249052-A: Improvements in or relating to condition responsive apparatus patent, GB-1249842-A: Improvements in brake systems patent, GB-1250728-A: A pneumatic antiskid braking system patent, GB-1250826-A: patent, GB-1251051-A: patent, GB-1251163-A: patent, GB-125153-A: patent, GB-125165-A: patent, GB-1252076-A: patent, GB-1252091-A: patent, GB-1252262-A: patent, US-2018009525-A1: Method and system for a small unmanned aerial system for delivering electronic warfare and cyber effects patent, GB-1252699-A: patent, GB-1252908-A: patent, GB-1253071-A: patent, GB-1253141-A: patent, GB-1253658-A: Improvements relating to roller-way conveyors patent, GB-1253694-A: Hydro-pneumatic suspension for vehicles patent, GB-1253865-A: Expandable insert for solid and cellular structures patent, GB-1255247-A: Lead-acid accumulators patent, GB-1255734-A: Improved combustion control circuit patent, GB-1256106-A: Pesticidal compositions patent, GB-125614-A: A Device for Restraining and Releasing Aeroplanes in Starting. patent, GB-125667-A: Improvements in or relating to Hyposcopes for Rifles, Machine Guns and other Fire Arms. patent, GB-1256900-A: patent, GB-1256968-A: patent, GB-1257589-A: patent, GB-1258718-A: patent, GB-1258900-A: patent, GB-1259860-A: A device for tensioning and closing endless bands or tracks patent, GB-1260057-A: Door unit for electrically heated cookers patent, GB-1260471-A: Improvements in or relating to power amplifiers patent, GB-1260552-A: Improvements in multi-disk clutches patent, GB-1261231-A: Shampoo patent, GB-1261513-A: Electronic data storage devices patent, GB-1261808-A: Improvements in or relating to an apparatus for heating gas media patent, GB-1263390-A: Process for treating the meat of cold blooded animals patent, GB-1263536-A: Improvements in or relating to shaped cokes patent, GB-1264015-A: Improvements relating to gyroscopes patent, GB-1264667-A: patent, GB-1264943-A: patent, GB-1265137-A: patent, GB-126636-A: Improvements in or relating to Journal Boxes for Railway Carriages and the like. patent, GB-1266580-A: patent, GB-1266628-A: patent, GB-1266931-A: patent, GB-1267115-A: patent, GB-1267660-A: Variable resistors patent, GB-1267979-A: Synchronizing separator circuits patent, GB-1268108-A: Derivatives of 4,4'-diaminostilbene-2,2'-disulphonic acid and the use thereof as optical whitening agents patent, GB-1268399-A: New amides of sulfamic acid, their alkali metal salts and process for preparation thereof patent, GB-1268580-A: Organotin compounds patent, GB-1268874-A: A flap opener for a box patent, GB-127013-A: Improvements in or relating to Receiving Apparatus for Wireless Telegraphy. patent, GB-1271106-A: Assortment assembling apparatus, particularly for food products patent, GB-1271364-A: Process for the production of chromones and intermediates therefor patent, GB-1271496-A: Electric cooker control switch units patent, GB-1272749-A: Reinforced articles patent, GB-1273080-A: A method and apparatus for producing draw-cord bags and bags produced thereby patent, GB-1273665-A: Improvements in or relating to a process for hardening patent, GB-1273868-A: Cryostat patent, GB-127423-A: Improvements in or relating to Envelopes. patent, GB-1274826-A: Propulsion and processing apparatus for flowable materials patent, GB-1274881-A: Ventilating ducts patent, GB-127489-A: Improvements in Hinges. patent, GB-1274904-A: Thiouracils and process for preparing thiouracils patent, GB-127495-A: Improvements in Attaching Means for Electric Fixtures. patent, GB-1275314-A: Improvements in and relating to shrimp and like peeling machines patent, GB-1276198-A: Moulding compositions patent, GB-1277425-A: Improvements in and relating to the securing of fixing elements patent, GB-1279004-A: Method and apparatus for gapping slide fastener chain patent, GB-1279215-A: Improvements in detent devices for door-closures patent, GB-1279668-A: Improvements in or relating to electrically heated heat-storage units patent, GB-1279803-A: Smoke-filtering elements patent, GB-1279913-A: Photographic silver halide material patent, GB-1281034-A: Improvements in switches patent, GB-1282014-A: Manufacture of cellular polyethylene products patent, GB-1282308-A: New thiadiazolyl-ureas, their production and composition containing same patent, GB-1282427-A: Filter device patent, GB-1282546-A: Snap-in mounting for an electrical switch patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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